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Elena M Garcia-Paullier

Teacher - Teacher Trainer

PAD Canelones Costa, Uruguay

"Thanks for all the materials! I've started reading and, mostly, reflecting! 

I'm involved in planning a course for Cooperating Teachers, and I'd like to know whether I can share some of your materials with them. Some novice teachers and also trainees have joined your course. They are all eager to learn more, but there aren't many opportunities as the one you're offering!"



Lynn Schneider

ESL Teacher



“You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for your advice and help, and all the information. I suppose I just wasn't sure about what I was doing, you made me understand that, while I have a long way to go, I'm learning every day".

Kay Bennett

EFL Volunteer


"I turned to Patrice for advice and support due to a lack of teaching experience and the requirement to teach abroad for the first time. She is extremely approachable, passionate and knowledgeable about teaching. Despite her busy schedule she provided me with valuable information and top tips. I feel better equipped to face the classroom and cannot thank her enough!"

Continue to develop your professional skills with a FREE 5 Day Email Course delivered right to your inbox.

Let me share my wisdom from 20 Years in the TESL Trenches with you! I have more than 20 years' experience as an ESL teacher, TESL trainer and currriculum writer in Canada and Hong Kong. I have taught students from 8 to 80 in a variety of settings.  One thing I do know for sure is that teachers need to continue to develop their professional skills! Our students deserve it!