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online conferences Mar 17, 2017

Online Conferences: A new trend?

Spring is certainly a popular time for TESL conferences.  Have you noticed that more and more conferences are going online?  A perfect example is the SkyTeach conference this weekend (30 speakers from around the world and more than 1,000 participants!).

Another online conference that I am thrilled to be part of is the Online Teacher Summit taking place from April 2 - 9.  

There is growing interest in online language teaching so this free conference is timely. Technology allows us to teach a language from anywhere in the world. This 100% online event will provide information about the best tools and practices from experienced online teachers.

Click here to sign up!





We all make them. 

It's embarrassing especially as language teachers but we all make errors.  I always say that when I win a million dollars, I'm going to hire a personal editor/proofreader!

I've seen a lot of clever Grammarly ads on twitter for but never thought much about it as an app for me.  I just signed up this week and it's absolutely brilliant.  This free app actually proofreads my social media texts (including this blog post!)

It is also a perfect online tool for our language learning students. 
Sign up for a free account here


 Happy teaching!  Patrice


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