Top 20 Warm-Up Activities for ESL/EFL Teachers (Vol 1)

Are you a busy ESL/EFL teacher looking for quick and easy warm-up activities for your class? This FREE download contains 20 more of my favourite warm-up activities.

Warm-up activities are more than just fun and games - they are good teaching and learning tools!  

Here are my top 12 reasons why teachers should use warm-up activities as effective teaching and learning tools:

 A Warm-up activity

1.  is a great way to introduce a topic

2.  motivates Ss to arrive on time

3.  gets Ss’ attention

4.  boosts Ss’ energy

5.  helps Ss make the transition from L1 outside the classroom to English inside the classroom

6.  helps Ss learn English without knowing it

7.  creates an interest in learning

8. encourages collaborative learning (pair/team/groups)

9. recycles language from other lessons

10. is fun and creates laughter (this helps students relax and feel good!)*

11. fosters a friendly classroom environment that facilitates learning

12. enhances creativity

Happy teaching!  

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