100 Conversation Cards - Get Students Talking!

PRINT - CUT- TALK!  These 100 Conversation Cards contain a question or statement for students to answer.  Have students work in pairs or groups to get them talking!  Add more questions or revise what has been written in this Word document.   If you need more cards, just ask students to provide questions for this activity.  You might be surprised at the ideas that they come up with.   To make these cards last longer, laminate them which also saves you time printing and cutting them again when they start to look tattered. 

You may need to pre-teach some of the vocabulary depending on your students’ language level.  This activity can be done in pairs or in small groups.  Give small groups of students approximately 6 – 10 cards.  Place the cards face down on the desk.  Then each student takes a turn by picking a card, reading the question and providing an answer. Remember to check for students’ understanding of the task before they begin.  In my experience, students love this activity however remember that any activity – no matter how fun  – can quickly become boring for students if over-used.

Happy Teaching!  Patrice