The Joys of Being Part of a Teacher Tribe: TESOL Conference Updates

teacher tribe Mar 28, 2017


I have just returned from 5 days in Seattle, USA where I had the opportunity to attend TESOL's annual conference. Can you imagine 6,000 teachers in one place? The highlight for me was connecting with many teachers from around the world but I'm always excited to attend presentations and learn more about our field (e.g. setting up English Clubs in Africa, teaching issues in Cuba and an upcoming conference there, and the latest on materials writing/publishing).

TESOL's President Dudley Reynolds opened the conference by reminding us of the role we play as teaching professions and questioned how we can elevate our profession: "We contribute to multilinguals. How do we make our profession a force in the world? How do we create a presence globally?"

What do you think? Do you feel that English language teachers need to create a global presence?


Conference Connections



 Cathy Raymond, Executive Director AIWR, TESOL Conference, March 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy Raymond, Executive Director for the Alliance for International Women's Rights at her poster presentation. This organization supports women leaders and future women leaders in Afghanistan and Nepal by providing online language courses as well as other training.  Here is some information about their English Language volunteer program.

Many people would like to volunteer internationally to help advance women’s rights, but they do not have the time or funds to travel to another country. Similarly, many women/girls in developing countries need assistance to further their education goals but do not have access to resources in their communities or the funding or capacity to travel abroad to seek training. With the availability of Internet and e-mail, international volunteers can now share their skills with women and girls in hard-to-reach places. The Alliance’s long-distance Empowerment Programs take advantage of the Internet to help open the world to women/girls through long-distance volunteers. The Alliance currently has two Empowerment Programs: Mentor Program and English Program.

If you are interested, here is the link to their website.

Online Resource from the Conference

Many teachers were talking about YouGlish at the TESOL conference and I can see why. Type in a word or phrase, and then you get 15 videos demonstrating people actually using the word/term in context!


Online Teacher Summit

Interested in teaching languages online? The Online Teacher Summit taking place from April 2 - 9. So far, more than 2,000 people have signed up. This 100% online event will provide information about the best tools and practices from experienced online teachers



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I will have more updates from the conference in the next few weeks from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where I will be until the end of April.

Happy Teaching!  Patrice

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