Conference Presenter:  Yes, Maybe or Never?

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2017

I sit on my local TESL Board of Directors.  We've spent the past few months planning our Spring conference which takes place on April 22. This year, there were several presenter proposals to choose from however this has not been the case in previous years.  

Being the curious person that I am, I wanted to find out why so few teachers are interested in presenting at conferences. I decided to design a 3-question survey to find out why  If you could take just one minute to complete the survey, I would appreciate it.  I'll report back on the findings in next week's blog post.  

My good teacher/friend Joan Bartel and I share the view that presenting at conferences is not only fun but addictive!  

Was I always such a conference-keener?  Of course not!  

I can clearly remember my first conference presentation.  I was working in a Teaching and Learning Centre in Hong Kong and I was told (not asked) that I would be presenting!   Even though I was terrified and anxious, I am very glad that I was forced to do it.  Every time after that got a bit easier.  

Do I still get jitters?  YES! Moments before my TESOL Convention presentation last month, I was still reviewing my PPT slides!

If you are an ESL/EFL teacher who has never presented at a conference, I would love to find out why.


A New Resource using TEDTalks

Many teachers I know love to use TEDTalks in their lessons.  We know that teachers are busy people and that preparing a great lesson using a TEDTalk takes time. Saphna Seghal (a fellow Canadian living in Spain) has developed a wonderful resource that includes 25 lessons using TEDTalks.

If you would like a sample (the full first TED Talk Lesson Plan and introduction), head to Sapna's Printables Library and download it from the April 2017 section


Interested in teaching online?

This week, I connected with Kyran O'Neill at Learn How Now  I had a trial lesson with him to see how the platform works.  I have to say that I was very impressed with the platform in terms of its ease in arranging a class and the quality of the audio/visual. Everything a teacher needs is on the platform so you don't have to worry about Skype or Google Hangouts to connect with your student/s (you can have up to 9 people in a class at one time).  The best part is that there are no fees or commissions paid to Learn How Now so teachers get to keep 100% of their profits.  Right now, they only have 400 teachers so they are very keen to have new teachers sign up and use their platform.   


Yes, I am STILL talking about Grammarly.  I had my son download it this week to help him with some final essays for university.  I love how it proofreads my social media messages.  Sign up for a free account with Grammarly

Happy Teaching!  Patrice



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