60 in 60 Challenge: February - Month 2 (spoiler alert - winter blahs)

february winter blahs Mar 01, 2019

 February - Month 2 

Here's the latest update on my 60 in 60 Challenge.  A month to go until I hit the big 60!

Month 2 Update:

February was very, very cold and luckily a short month.  My son Andrew was home from university for 10 days for his mid-term break which threw me off my schedule somewhat (do you hear an excuse coming?).

Here is a list of the new things I tried in February - Month 2:

10. Travelled to Ottawa by Train

I was invited to give the plenary at the TESL Ottawa conference.  It's been more than 35 years since I have been to Ottawa (our nation's capital) and the first time by train.  It was an enjoyable 4 hours where I read, dozed and read a bit more.  I had a window seat but there wasn't much to see expect fields and snow.  

11. Volunteered to be part of TEDx Event

I have always wanted to attend a TEDTalk so I decided to join a group of people organizing a TEDx in Burlington (TEDxLakeshoreRd).  The event will be November 8 at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.  The theme is Breakthroughs.  www.tedxlakeshorerd.com

12. Participated in Pilates

This is something that I always wanted to try.  I think in my mind it was going to be more spectacular and I was a bit disappointed.  I'm definitely going to stay with yoga.

13. and 14. Movie Binge Alone

On the 4th snow day this winter, I knew that I didn't want to look out my home office window at this.  

Image may contain: tree, sky and outdoor

I bundled up and walked over to a movie theatre ($5 films!) and watched Green Book, The Favourite and A Star is Born.  It was a wonderful winter indulgence!  Why does this count for two activities?  Well, I have never gone to a movie by myself and I have never watched three movies at a theatre in a row.  I always thought that one should never go to a movie alone but I survived it and will certainly do it again.

My Observations

I started off the year strong and with a lot of energy but that quickly faded this winter.  I've never liked cold weather and am greatly affected by the lack of sunlight. There were many days where I had no desire to go out in the cold so I didn't.  I also didn't beat myself up either.  I learned that it's important to celebrate the small wins!  #celebratesmallwins

I'm in Atlanta and Miami for 10 days in March so excited about trying some new things there!  I anticipate a good blog post for next month and re-newed energy as Spring is just around the corner.  I believe that it is important to plan activities that give us something to look forward to.  It just helps to keep us going during those tough times.  

Amazing Agers

I continue to be inspired by amazing agers. Photographer and author Ari Seth Cohen is the creator of the Advanced Style blog where he beautifully re-defines aging. His work features people who live life to the fullest, age gracefully, and continue to grow and challenge themselves. Advanced Love includes 40 profiles of inspiring couples from around the world exploring themes of love, companionship, and relationship advice. 

(Photo Source: Ari Seth Cohen / Advanced Love published by Abrams Books)

If you have any ideas for an activity, please let me know.  If you would like to start your own challenge, I would be happy to encourage you on your journey. If you happen to live nearby and would like to join me in an activity, please email me palmer.patrice@gmail.com

Thanks for reading, Patrice


Who Am I?

My name is Patrice Palmer, M.Ed., M.A., CPP.  I have more than 20 years’ experience as an ESL teacher, trainer, and writer.  I spent seven amazing years teaching in Hong Kong where my son Andrew was born.  I left classroom teaching in 2015 and now work as a teacherpreneur (www.teacherpreneur.ca) doing the things I love such as writing, travelling and applying the science of positive psychology to all my work (www.patricepalmer.ca).


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