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Coming Clean: Mental Health Issues in ELT

Update on last week's blog post - Why Students' Cell Phones belong in a Shoe Bag! https...

Feb 19, 2017

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Why Students' Cell Phones belong in a Shoe Bag!

Are cell phones a problem in your classroom?  Do you find that students are easily distracte...

Feb 17, 2017

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Chris Kelly's Biggest Surprise as a Teacher in China

As teachers, we are always proud of our students when they are successful. Being an instructional...

Feb 08, 2017

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Winter Lyn Cohen, Program Manager of Con Ed (TESL), Kennesaw State University

“Today I linked to your blog and found several helpful tips for our trainees. With your permission, may I share the Top 5 Mistakes New Teachers Make with our externship group? I think it would be so valuable! I will also be passing along your blog to my instructors in the course. Thank you for this fresh and insightful resource!”

Bill Vastis, ESL Instructor

“I just wanted to write and say a very sincere thank you for all that you share in terms of free resources as well as the wisdom and knowledge that you are passing on through your blog. I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Please continue your excellent work. ”

Tanya Bemboleta, English Teacher

“ I just wanted to tell you how helpful your posts have been for me. I received great student feed-back which has led to being offered an extension on my contract so I am in China another year. You have truly been a great help in terms of resources. Thank you.”

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