Patrice Palmer, OCELT, CTDP, M. Ed., M.A.

I am an experienced training professional with more than 20 years' experience in adult education, ESL teaching, teacher training and curriculum writing. 

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My New Book out July 15!

Successful Group Work: 13 Activities to Teach Teamwork Skills

Because Successful Group Work Doesn’t Just Happen!

When you tell your students to work in groups, what happens?

One or two students takes over all the work? One or two students coast, doing the bare minimum? They divide the work into equal parts and do it all individually, defeating the whole point of a group task?

This book is a complete course of 13 lessons that you can do with students before you start group work. Or choose the activities that reflect the areas your students need the most work in. Many of the activities are 20-30 minutes long, so you can easily fit them into your class schedule. And most are no-prep or low prep.


Teacher Training

I enjoy working with teaching professionals. In August 2016, I worked with teachers from China.  Currently I teach in an online TESL course for a Canadian college.

International Training

Custom training and workshops can be developed. I have presented at conferences in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Florida, and Moldova and at the 2017 TESOL Convention.

Recent training includes:

Plain Language, Report Writing and Speech Writing Workshops for CARICOM in Guyana

Growth Mindset for Professionals for Southern Library Services, Canada

Teacher to Teacherpreneur

Are you looking to combine your skills, expertise and creativity to earn additional income?  Looking to engage in new challenges that build on a career that you love? Discover how to monetize your transferrable skills? Then being a teacherpreneur could be for you.  

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Instructional Coaching

I provide individualized instructional coaching to help teachers develop their professional skills. TESL Ontario provides PD hours for instructional coaching with me.


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Course development including online courses; English language curriculum, and e-books.


"Today I linked to your blog and found several helpful tips for our trainees. With your permission, may I share the Top 5 Mistakes New Teachers Make with our externship group? I think it would be so valuable! I will also be passing along your blog to my instructors in the course. Thank you for this fresh and insightful resource! "

Winter Lyn Cohen
Program Manager of Con Ed (TESL), Kennesaw State University, USA

"I just wanted to tell you how helpful your posts have been for me. I received great student feedback which has led to being offered an extension on my contract so I am in China another year. You have truly been a great help in terms of resources. Thank you. "

Tanya Bemboleta
English Teacher, China

"I just wanted to write and say a very sincere thank you for all that you share in terms of free resources as well as the wisdom and knowledge that you are passing on through your blog. I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Please continue your excellent work. "

Bill Vastis
ESL Instructor, Toronto, Canada

"Patrice is flexible and a pleasure to work with. She has a good working knowledge of Growth Mindset and knows how to get people thinking about it and applying it in their work."

Anne Marie Madziak
Coordinator and Library Consultant, Southern Ontario Library Service, Canada

"Patrice is passionate, versatile, and engaging ESL teacher. She is supportive, kind, knowledgeable and personable. As a mentor teacher, Patrice provided not only constructive ways to improve my skills as a new teacher but also modeled successful management of the ESL classroom. Patrice's students enjoy their time in her classroom and learn valuable academic skills in her courses."

Alla Myzelev
Associate Professor, SUNY Geneseo, USA

"Patrice is kind, patient, detail-oriented and very knowledgeable. She spent hours to correct our work in detail. Her support was beyond essential and the knowledge and resources she shared with us are priceless. Her teaching demeanor with all students is impressive which makes her a great role model for all future teachers!"

Mehdi Hassanianesfahani
TESL Student, Canada

" As an immigrant, who is not a native speaker of English, I felt nervous when I had to attend a Canadian college, but Patrice greeted me warmly, and I felt at home. Ms. Palmer deeply cares about her students. Student respect is obvious in her classroom, and she built a good rapport with us. Mrs. Palmer has the intellect, passion, and communicative skills of an outstanding seasoned teacher."

Majid Memand, R.N.
Internationally Trained Nurse

"Before I embarked on my journey to China, I arranged to have a coaching session with Patrice. The knowledge and guidance that she provided to me in such a short time had an immeasurable impact on my success here. I am so thankful for her help, and I think everyone should spend an hour or two with her before starting an educational journey. I cannot recommend Patrice and her services enough!"

Christopher Kelly
University Lecturer, China

"Lots of good questions in the 100 Conversation Cards! Thank you for sharing Patrice!"

Angie Koh
Online English Teacher, Malaysia

"Thanks Patrice! I love getting new ideas from other teachers with years of experience."

Leslie Vyvial
ESL Instructor, USA

"Thanks for sharing useful resources and information. "

Lourdes Betancourt
Universidad Central de Venezuela Caracas Area, Venezuela

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Top 20 Warm-Up Activities for ESL/EFL Teachers (Vol 1)


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