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I combine 23 years' of experience as an adult educator, trainer and writer with my studies in positive psychology, positive education and mindfulness to help people learn and apply simple interventions that enable them to thrive and flourish in all aspects of their lives.

Well-being @ Work has two meanings - the first being that it is a process to maintain our health and well-being.  The other meaning has to do with the actual work we do and how we find ways to increase our meaning, purpose and well-being even in stressful work environments.

Did you know that only 13% of Canadians report that they feel engaged at work and 50% report being unhappy in their jobs (Hays, 2016).  This needs to change since we spend approximately 90,000 hours at work during our lifetime!  Happy employees are more productive and creative, take fewer sick days and experience less burn-out. 

The science of positive psychology provides many simple (and free!) evidence-based interventions that can help people feel more engaged at work, discover more meaning and purpose, assess and use their character strengths and increase their well-being.

My experience with professional burn-out in 2015 led me to reflect on my own lack of self-care and adopt positive psychology interventions which I now share locally and internationally.

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My book is out! 

It was difficult to share my personal story of burn-out but my goal is to help as many teachers as possible avoid it. Thank you to all of the teachers who shared their stories of self-care and to those who provided a review.  

"You cannot serve from an empty vessel".  Eleanor Brownn

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"In this invaluable book, Patrice shares her own highly relatable experience of burnout, and puts together a short, easily assimilated guide to teacher self care. The book contains a host of practical tips, looking both at what schools can do and how teachers can look after themselves better physically, and make vital changes to their mindset. The book concludes with book-club discussion questions, and it would make an excellent choice to read and discuss with colleagues. All teachers and managers of teachers should read this. "

Rachael Roberts, UK
ELT author, teacher trainer & teacher/Qualified Life Coach

"Patrice Teacher Self-Care Manual is a great resource for all educators. She did an amazing job interweaving her personal journey in education with relevant research in the field of positive psychology. In addition, this book gives actionable ideas, strategies and exercises, as well as, reflective questioning that will help teachers navigate aspects of the profession that can lead to burnout. Her message that teachers need to make themselves a priority and practice self-care is one that needs to be heard. "

Robert Dunlop, Canada
Educator, Speaker & Author, Niagara District School Board

"This practical self-care guide is a wonderful and much-needed resource for teachers, as it is full of useful strategies that are very straightforward to implement. An added strength is that Patrice is speaking from the heart and from personal experience - her honest and open account of her own burnout as a teacher really resonated with me and reinforced the message of how vital it is for educators to prioritise self-care. This guide is the perfect balance of research and practical strategies. Patrice advocates raising our self-awareness of our levels of self-care and finding ways that work for us on an individual basis. I particularly enjoyed the section in which Patrice outlined her new key mindsets, especially ‘I Matter! and ‘Guilt Be Gone! Packed full of evidence-based strategies from the field of Positive Psychology, yet concise enough for any busy teacher to engage with, this self-care manual is a must-read for educators. It’s a very enjoyable and fascinating insight into teacher well-being and I have benefitted so much from it on a personal and professional level."

Fiona Forman, Ireland
Co-author of 'Weaving Well-Being'​, Teacher, M.Sc. Applied Positive Psychology, Well-Being Researcher & Trainer

"Compelling and practical, Patrice provides teachers with actionable self-care strategies for right now, no matter how busy or overwhelmed you might be. Giving yourself permission is the hard part. Consider this your permission! Once you do, it only gets easier create time for yourself so you’re a happier, healthier, and more engaging teacher."

Annemarie Fowler, USA
Founder of Speak Confident English

"Patrice's Teacher Self Care Manual provides educators with a “how to” for making self care a priority and a part of everyday life. “.... that I matter and taking care of myself is a priority”. Her book reminds us of the importance of self care for educators. She shares an honest and reflective account of her own journey of self care. As an educator, The Self Care Manual provides an easy to follow manual, real life practices that do no ads to an already full workload. I look forward to using and sharing the information from Patrice’s book. "

Kim Cooper, Canada
Special Education Resource Teacher, SASK

"It's clear that educator burnout is increasing in prevalence. It was with great excitement that I opened the Teacher Self-Care Manual by Patrice Palmer and my excitement continued as I read the book in one sitting! Patrice has direct experience of the joys and challenges of teaching, of getting to a point where the joys had been replaced by a sense of hopelessness and then she found her way back. This book is practical, to the point, easy to read and full of ways that anyone - not just teachers - can re-evaluate their life balance and manage their day to day wellbeing. Great job Patrice! "

Ruth Pearce, PMP, ACC, USA
Author of Be a Project Motivator: Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-Based Project Management

"A book that will appeal to the academic in every teacher, The Teacher Self-Care Manual is a concise part-objective, part-personal book that is written from both the head and heart.   Patrice has been stressed out, and she is not afraid to share her experiences with the reader. But her book goes deeper than a flat stone skipping across the ocean of a topic; rather, Palmer incorporates the research that supports her claims. By taking the occupation of teacher in context with other stress-inducing roles, she gives a compassionate understanding of the forces at play, and uses imagery and her research on positive psychology to offer hope to burned-out teachers. Sprinkled throughout Palmer’s writing are categorized checklists and online resources to help one not only confidentially self-assess, but also to chart one’s path toward a positive mindset. Palmer’s book is packed with practical suggestions (like, how to actually say “no”) and interesting facts (like, the importance of giving your voice a rest!) Always thinking of teachers, Palmer even offers a lesson plan you can use with your students to help them understand the strengths of their character even as you work through appreciating your own character strengths.   Patrice has written a book that merits reading by all teachers (ESL, classroom, online, college, etc.) When I finished reading the book, I felt satisfied and understood. I also had a perspective check and a path to move forward. That is good for me, and that is also good for my students."

Nancy Van Dorp, Canada

""This is a thoughtful, concise resource to keep on hand when you need that reminder to take care of yourself. Patrice's message is one I fully endorse as a fellow advocate for the well-being of educators." —"

Tina H. Boogren, author
180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators and Take Time for You: Self-Care Action Plans for Educators

"Patrice Palmer's guide to Teacher Self Care is a valuable resource for any teacher, but particularly teachers in high-stress/high-competition fields, such as EFL teaching. The book not only looks at ways to manager self-care, but also identifies common symptoms of burn-out and their sources, which may be less than obvious. It is concise and managed to reduce much larger resources down to their quintessence, making it not only a useful tool for teachers with less time on their hands, but also as a resource for pre-service teachers as an additional reading. If you're a teacher and you're on the edge of burnout or worried about burning out, check out this handy first aid kit and manage it before it manages you."

Robin Dahling

"This powerful little book is a healthy reminder for teachers to continually cultivate their well-being through being their own best resource. The book reminds teachers that it's not only okay but also essential to listen to how they are feeling. The ample strategies in this volume will be welcome additions to any teacher's "Self-care Toolbox"!"

Brad Deacon
Professor, Japan

"Patrice has written a fantastic introduction to self-care for teachers. The book is short but contains enough information for teachers who want a clear and straightforward overview. The author includes several exercises to help the reader engage with the topic, including a self-care assessment, and a “best possible self-activity”, where teachers can imagine a version of themselves in the future. For readers who wish to learn more about self-care, the book has an extensive bibliography, not to mention links to some useful sites such as the VIA Character Strengths Survey and the Maslach Burnout Inventory. I would recommend this book for any teacher who has high levels of stress and might be experiencing burnout. Patrice has done a terrific job of explaining self-care, justifying its’ significance, and providing useful tips that can be done easily in everyday life. "

Job Title

"I highly recommend the latest book from Patrice Palmer. This book is a valuable resource for all educators – ranging from teachers at all levels of experience as well as school administrators and staff at all levels of education from kindergarten through graduate school. Patrice’s collegial tone makes this guide engaging and relatable. Examples from her years in teaching and research, including a bibliography with approximately 40 sources, illustrate challenges and solutions for teachers. This book takes the reader from reflection to activation of critically important self-care strategies. "

Julie Vorholt
ESL teacher, writer & editor

"I honestly had a lump in my throat, heart ache, and even shed a few tears at Patrice’s personal story, for her to bravely share it with us, acknowledge our struggles, and so generously share her strategies. I am ever so grateful. Every little bit counts towards self care. I gift her book to my colleagues as well as new teachers I meet."

Karen Lee
TESL Certified PBLA Lead Instructor, College Boreal Mississauga

"Through a familiar, personal, and warm style, Patrice guides teachers at different levels of experience through a reflective and practical path of self-caring. All the ideas shared in her book made me feel connected to a community of teachers who are becoming more aware of how self-caring can have a major impact in our professional and personal lives."

Iván Aguilar Flores
English Teacher and Teacher trainer, Perú

"This is a go-to book that allows teachers to pause momentarily, reflect introspectively and self-care intentionally. Patrice has exquisitely chronicled the practical habits and positive mindsets that teachers should adopt in their careers."

Matthew Koh
Educator | Positive Psychology Practitioner | Life Coach, Singapore


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"Patrice reminds teachers in her book of the importance of taking a moment to stop and assess oneself holistically. Teachers are in the profession because they want to be of service to others in attending to students’ specific goals. Unfortunately, this can also take a toll if done so without consistent self-reflection and rest. The book sets the context for how and why burnout can happen and provides actionable steps and specific questions to help teachers gauge how they’re doing in their work lives and beyond. It is a reminder that “badges of honour” and dedicating one’s entire self to work is self-defeating and unsustainable, a message essential for all teachers in the profession."

Alice S. Kim
English Language Instructor, International Programs at the University of Toronto

Teacher Self-care during times of Stress, Change and Uncertainty

TESL Ontario webinar - April 2020

Well-being @ School

Services range from keynotes, conference presentations and custom-designed workshops.

Teacher Self-care Workshops

I left classroom teaching due to professional burn-out in 2015 due to a lack of self-care. Teachers need to put themselves first and adopt self-care strategies to reduce stress, build resilience, promote physical health and increase well-being.  TESL Ontario PD hours awarded for workshops and presentations in Ontario. 

Ready, Set, GROW!

Ready, Set, GROW! is a teaching resource that helps students how gratitude, resilience, optimism and willpower can be cultivated to help them get through challenges.  It uses the science of positive psychology, character education, social and emotional learning and the Common Core (US). This resource is geared for Grades 4 - 6. 

Click here for teaching resource

Happiness @ School

Did you know that 50% of our happiness is determined by our genes and 10% by our environment but that 40% is determined by our actions?  The science of positive psychology provides hundreds of simple interventions that can increase our happiness and well-being. Participants will leave this workshop with an understanding of the relationship between teacher happiness and positive professional outcomes; learn interventions that are evidence-based which can increase engagement, understand how meaning and purpose contribute to happiness at work, understand the importance of relationships at work which can lead to happier teachers; and leave with a personal list of simple actions to increase well-being.

Well-being @ Work

Mindfulness @ Work

Of course this is not what mindfulness at work looks like!  

Mindfulness should no longer be considered a “nice-to-have”’s a “must-have: a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation, effective decision-making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress.” Harvard Business Review

Researchers have started exploring the workplace benefits of mindfulness which include improving social relationships, resiliency, task performance memory, problem-solving skills, listening skills and creativity.

The Cost of Caring: Compassion Fatigue for International Development Workers

As a former international development worker, I understand how this work can take a toll on one’s emotional well-being. Compassion fatigue is an occupational hazard which means that almost everyone who cares about the people they serve will eventually develop it to varying degrees. Unfortunately, many of us are not equipped to deal with the traumatic nature of the work we do.  

Character Strengths

Our 24 character strengths (like leadership, teamwork, curiosity, love of learning, zest, judgement, kindness, humour to name a few) make us unique just like finger prints.  When we use our character strengths, we feel more engaged and have a better understanding of others and feel happier.  Workshops have been given at The YWCA and Career Development Centre, City of Hamilton.  

Watch the Science of Character Strengths

"Patrice gave an outstanding presentation on workplace happiness at the Rotary Club of Stoney Creek. It was informative and she was very engaging with the audience. I would love the opportunity to hear Patrice speak again and would recommend others attend her events. Thank you!"

Carrie Deon
Rotary Club Member

"Patrice is flexible and a pleasure to work with. She has a good working knowledge of Growth Mindset and knows how to get people thinking about it and applying it in their work."

Anne Marie Madziak
Coordinator and Library Consultant, Southern Ontario Library Service

"The Characters Strengths workshop provided by Patrice to business program participants covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that was easy to absorb. Patrice's structure was clear, logical and effective. The main benefits for the participants came from doing the character strengths survey. The training helped the participants to understand their strengths, relate them with their business vision, and develop their confidence to their entrepreneurial vision."

Victoria Bularda
Business Coach, YWCA Hamilton

"I would like to thank you for your inspiring speech at the North York TESL Conference. I was picturing myself listening to your journey; going through separation and divorce, dealing with a child’s health issues while trying hard to support our students both in language proficiency and their emotional crises. It was a pleasure to meet you. "

Farnaz Saghafi
ESL/LINC Instructor

"Patrice is a very warm and engaging presenter. Patrice had a really matter of fact, practical message for teachers, without too much "new age" stuff. It was a perfect way to end the conference for me!" "

TESL Ontario Conference Participant
November 2018

"Thank you for presenting and sharing personal insights regarding character strengths and how they shape our behaviour. This workshop gave participants the tools to better identify their top character strengths and ways to use them to reach career and life goals."

Sadhna Jayatunge
Facilitator, City of Hamilton

"Patrice's passion for learning positive psychology stood out in the Positive Psychology certificate program. She articulated the learning and applied the concepts skillfully throughout the session. I was deeply moved by her willingness to make a difference in her work, family and community by her curiosity to explore ways in which she could apply concepts to find positive ways to learn and grow. I highly recommend Patrice."

Paula Pyne, MBA, RYT
Certified Integral Professional Coach™, Facilitator, Positive Psychology Certificate Program, Wilfred Laurier University

"There were a lot of good take away messages from this session. It's a very, very important topic! It's good to be aware of this at the beginning of my career, so I can help prevent burnout/exhaustion in myself. An Amazing and very informative session! "

TESL Ontario Conference Participant
November 2018

"It was a great presentation. Patrice used relevant examples and it was very helpful to hear her personal story. Often schools do not provide adequate resources for self-care."

TESL Ontario Conference Participant
November 2018

"The ORTESOL board hired Patrice to give our Keynote talk and we were not disappointed! At a time when programs and teachers are stressed, Patrice offered many valuable insights about work-life balance and ways that we could reasonably manage our relationship with our work. There are very few fields where people identify so deeply with their work and Patrice found a way to speak to our needs for self-care! Thank you for your great talk!"

Delpha Thomas
President, ORESTOL

"Patrice was one of the best TESL methodology trainers that we were fortunate to have for several years. More recently, I must thank and recommend Patrice for her guest speaker sessions on teacher wellness for our TESL trainees. Our student teachers have greatly benefited from her engaging presentations, subject matter expertise, vast experience, and genuine care to help others in our profession. Thank you Patrice for visiting our classroom and inspiring our student teachers. Your support and contribution in TESL training is highly valued and so very much appreciated."

Carmen Valero
Dean, Canadian College of Educators

"Patrice was my excellent TESL instructor at Canadian College of Educators in 2008. Throughout the years, I have followed her path as she presented at TESL Conferences, and provided professional development. More recently, she presented her book on Teacher Self Care. As I was reading her book, I was struck with how intimately well she knew the path that we, as ESL instructors, were on. Her book is not only full of acknowledgement of our challenges, but also full of strategies for managing work in the 21st century, specifically that of being an ESL Instructor, but for all who are working independently on a contract by contract basis. I believe that all teachers and those wanting to be a teacher should read her book. Patrice is one of the sparks that lit the passion for me and many a teacher. Thank you for your continued guidance."

Karen Lee
ESL teacher, College Boreal

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We possess all 24 character strengths (like honesty, humour, kindness, teamwork, judgement, zest, hope, love, leadership) in different degrees, giving each of us a unique profile just like fingerprints! Using our character strengths can increase our overall well-being so find ways to use them every day. It takes just 15 minutes to learn about your strengths. My top strengths or signature strengths: 1) Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence 2) Creativity 3) Curiosity 4) Gratitude 5) Love of Learning